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Contagion is super sick

I went into this movie with absolutely no idea what to expect. I kind of knew the plot, I didn’t know who was in it, and I’d never even seen a single commercial for it. But by the end of Contagion I knew without a doubt what the movie was about, and was even a little freaked out.

Contagion is about a virus that nobody has ever seen or heard of before; this virus can be passed just by touch and can kill the infected person within days of contracting it. Since this virus was unknown, there was no cure for it when the epidemic started, so it quickly spread throughout the world killing millions of people. The virus is compared to the Spanish flu, and they expected the same death rate for this virus (around one percent of the world.)

Throughout the movie, to make it feel more realistic, producers worked alongside the CDC (Center for Disease Control) to make the movie as realistic as possible. This worked very well and made you feel that this epidemic could actually spread as fast as it did and be as contagious as it is.

            The seriousness of this virus and its effect is portrayed very well all through the movie. They show how society breaks down from such a large spread epidemic.  They show how the government reacts to this, even showing some of the lows/unfairness that happens within the government compared to the average people, with the people making the medication to stop the virus and the people studying the virus getting the cure first, then the people with the most money being a close second.

            The main cast of Contagion consisted of Matt Damon as a normal person going through the epidemic after losing his wife (Gwyneth Paltrow) and daughter, Laurence Fishburne as the head of the CDC, and Jude Law as a passionate blogger fighting the ways of the CDC and the government throughout the movie.

            So if you want to go see a movie that’s entertaining and will get you thinking about the possibilities go see Contagion.

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